Briquetting of organic waste as an alternative to wood fuel: Briquetting of organic waste is an inititative by ATC to concretize possible solutions to the rampant environmental degradation in the country.  We carry out research with purpose of technology profiling but also train institutions, groups and individuals who wish to take up the technology.

Water for Production

Irrigation farming has enormous benefits to the farmers but this ought to be supported by use of fertilizers (these can be the no cost fertilizers such as human urine) to enhance crop yields. Irrigation reduces the dependence of farmers on rain -fed agriculture, providing them with the opportunity to produce crops through out the year.  

Toilet Facility Hygiene

Stakeholders have invented technologies to improve the hygiene of toilet facilities. To this effect so far the ATC has profiled the SATO pan and associate it with the following advantages;

Sanitation and Hygiene Technologies

The ATC has profiled a number of sanitation technologies and from this exercise the following lessons were learnt;

Point of Use (poU) Water treatment

Safe water chain is critical to ensure health of the population however in many communities, safe water chain is compromised by people using very dirty jerrycans to fetch water, surviving in poor sanitation and unhygienic environment in addition to sharing water with animals. In other places, there is total lack of access to safe water.