About Us


Establishment: Est. in 2010 as the research arm for MWE, with specialty in water and sanitation technologies

Vision:    A healthy and empowered self-sustaining society

Mission: To be a leading Centre of excellence in research and development in water and sanitation


Current Status:

Management of ATC taken over by the MWE for an interim period

Continuation of the then going research projects:

  • Vermiculture: growing of worms, studying the soil quality and crop yields
  • Briquetting
  • Production of sanitary pads
  • Promotion of rainwater harvesting
  • Concept of bulky production and potential market for products

Other projects  and concepts

TSU based:

  • Training on Point of Use (PoU) water treatment
  • Grey water recovery
  • Pipeline research concepts developed in consultation with the different TSUs

The future of ATC

  • Towards a semi-autonomous state
  • Institutional study
  • Semi- autonomous status
  • Evaluation of the viability of the different option
  • Progress is delayed owing to bureaucracies among other factors but we are continuing to work around the corner to fasten the process since research needs continuity of both staff and financial flows

Relevance of ATC in the sector

  • Collaborative research; national and international
  • Referral/one stop Centre for exposure learning specifically about WASH technologies
    • National and international universities
    • Local and international NGOs
  • WASH technologies consultation Centre
  • Training Centre for specific technologies
  • Documentation Centre