Sanitation And Hygiene Technologies

The ATC has profiled a number of sanitation technologies and from this exercise the following lessons were learnt;

  • Any toilet technology can fail as long as effective operation and maintenance is lacking
  • There is gross misuse of public toilets in Uganda regardless of the education level of the users. Therefore, for public toilets to function well, there is always need for a dedicated caretaker
  • There is a high failure rate of deep traditional pit in high water table areas
  • There is la high potential for sanitation related business but there is still low prioritization to invest in toilet construction by the public
  • Toilet promotion is not informed but applicability assessment and this leads to high failure rates

Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) Technologies  

EcoSan technologies profiled include: Urine Diversion Dry Toilet, Fossa Alterna, Composting Toilet, Ekolet and tiger Toilet. EcoSan technologies are sustainable sanitation option, at the apex of the sanitation ladder. Profiling was hinged on the need to assess appropriateness of the respective technologies so as to guide on technology adoption, application, Operation and Maintenance.