Point of Use (poU) Water treatment

Safe water chain is critical to ensure health of the population however in many communities, safe water chain is compromised by people using very dirty jerrycans to fetch water, surviving in poor sanitation and unhygienic environment in addition to sharing water with animals. In other places, there is total lack of access to safe water.

A number of PoU water treatment technologies have been profiled by the ATC in effort to guide potential technology promoters and adopters. Most of these profiled technologies are effective in inactivation of disease causing bacteria, rendering water safe for drinking. However, before adoption there is need to refer to specific technology user guide for contextualized application. Profiled and approved technologies include:

  • Tiva water filter
  • Ceramic filter
  • Solar Disinfection (SODIS) enhanced by WADI indicator
  • Advanced solar based technologies
  • Three pitcher water filter
  • Chlorination among others

Especially communities that find water boiling very expensive can adopt these communities (attach catalogue for reference).