Ecological sanitation has for over a decade been promoted in Uganda to bridge the technological gap. The tiger Toilet is an addition to the ecological sanitation menu. The Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Sanitation, Water for People, Oxfam International, PriMove India under the overall coordination of Bear Valley Ventures Limited UK are undertook/profiled the viability of the Tiger Toilet as a safe and sustainable sanitation solution. This research was concurrently carried out in Uganda, India and Mymnar. The Tiger Toilet experiments in Uganda were set up in February 2014; with demonstrations constructed in three villages i.e., Buguju, Ngandu and Kigombya all in Mukono district. These facilities are still under close monitoring with monthly analysis of influent and effluent samples. Results are promising i.e. toilets are still functioning well and they have not yet filled up. For detailed results of the study and training on construction, operation and maintenance of the Tiget Toilet please contact the ATC.

“tiger toilet”