Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)

Interventions by the Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Sanitation (ATC) are aimed at bridging the technological gaps MHM in schools. It involves capacity building of pupils in production of sanitary pads and monitoring of their menstrual cycle. The intervention is based on appreciation that proper MHM catalyzes integrated development approaches aimed at enhancing girl child school attendance and retention. Ministry of Water through the ATC is implementing the intervention in partnership with UNICEF.

Testimony from Nakabiri Mary Josephine, a 14 years old primary five pupil of Kabimbiri Church of Uganda Primary School in Mukono district “As I made my pads, I was so excited and thought of that time when I will use them. I was worried that the teacher will not give them to me not until on that fateful day when I went in my periods. I was given four pads to use and I used two pads per day, they worked so well. I would change twice a day. The pad did not burn me nor get full quickly, it was such a god experience using these pads and I wish to have more and more of them because they are so comfortable compared to the cloths I used to pad myself with.”