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Underground tank

Water technological prototypes on site include; the 25000 liters underground tank constructed using the Interlocking Soil Stablizing Blocks (ISSB), the Ferrocement tank, plastic tank, collugated iron sheet tank all which can be used for rainwater harvesting. We also have different prototypes, for purify water; life straw, Tiva filter, ceramic filtern and SODIS among others. We have the tippy tap and the 2 liter device made of a used plastic bottle and a plastic pipestand. These are provisions for hand washing (hygiene).


We also have on site prototypes for irrigation farming and these include; the drip irrigation bucket, treadle pump and money maker pump.


Appropriateness of a technology takes into considerations issues of accessibility, affordability and acceptability among others. the cost implication is central for up take of any technology. ATC compiled a list of 'low cost' technologies in water, hygiene and sanitation and now is investigating their 'appropriateness' in a model village setting.

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The leading centre of excellence in research and development in water and sanitation. The Appropriate Technology Centre (ATC) for Water and Sanitation was established by the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) in 2010 to undertake applied research, development and promotion of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) appropriate technologies in Uganda. The Centre operates under five key objectives that is to; Undertake innovative applied research and development on appropriate technologies and approaches for water and sanitation. Carry out capacity building for sector actors. Build up the profile of appropriate technology for sustainable water supply and sanitation options by popularizing the appropriate technology practices. Accelerate public/private investment through innovative financing mechanisms and demonstration of acceptable innovative. Continuously identify challenges facing the adaptation of appropriate technology in the water and sanitation sector.